Welcome to Moana House & Village

Moana House & Village is an organisation committed to the welfare of older members of the community who need ongoing residential care and support. The quality of the environment and facilities as well as maintaining a warm and caring home is paramount for our organisation.

We believe our residents are individuals with their own inherent needs and value and the right to a secure environment, privacy and being treated with respect, courtesy and dignity.

Education is considered a lifelong activity and independency is retained wherever possible. Cultural and religious values are accommodated and are seen as a sharing experience.

For more information browse our website or contact us via phone, email or just drop by and we are glad to answer your questions.
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• Transitional Care • Meals on Wheels • Primary / Acute Care
353 Tairua Road, Whangamata 3620, Ph: 07 8659643, Fx: 07 8657650 - Email: office@moanahouse.org